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In 2013, I responded to an ad on our beloved ACOPA discussion board to volunteer for the EA2-L Exam Writer’s committee. For those who don’t know, EA2-L is what I like to call the “everything but the funding law” exam. It is an incredible way to remain sharp on topics that you might see day-to-day... READ MORE
Hello ACOPA – It has been a tiring first three months of 2019, work-wise. January Madness did not stop with March as we dealt with March 15 deadlines. The April 15 deadline is fast approaching with a new burst of stress. Summer can’t arrive soon enough as it brings on vacation time, summer... READ MORE
Dearest ACOPA Members (and you are the dearest!) – January 2018 set a record for most data requests sent in by my clients. But sure enough, January 2019 broke that record. Just keeping track of what has come in is a job itself, and enough to make my head spin. Presumably I am that much closer to... READ MORE
If you’re like me, your ASC 715 valuations around 2013 and earlier often used for the mortality assumption what I’ll call the “IRS funding tables” – specifically, the separate or combined static annuitant/nonannuitant tables in effect for a given year published in IRS Notices. (And, if you’re like... READ MORE
The American Retirement Association’s governmental affairs staff and volunteer Legislative Relations Committee (LRC) both review legislative proposals and proactively propose legislative changes to improve the employer-provided retirement system. Over a period of years, many of ARA’s proposals have... READ MORE
Happy New Year to one and all! May the New Year bring you success in all your endeavors. Almost 3 months into the ACOPA year, most of the ACOPA time of Leadership continues to be spent on determining how to respond the recent Academy decision to exclude ACOPA (and CCA) from the Selection Committee... READ MORE
Members of the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA) have filed a class action lawsuit against the AAA’s board alleging violations of the organization’s bylaws. The complaint (2018-CH-15777) was filed on Dec. 20, 2018 in Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois. It alleges that the defendants, who are... READ MORE
Hello ACOPA — The weather in New York has mostly been moderate, with December golf a real possibility. While I sometimes get the winter blahs, working on PPA restatements has lifted my spirits (or at least kept me busy) these last few weeks. And with the new clients coming on board as they do at... READ MORE
I am just returning from the ARA Board meeting in Key West. We had 9 inches of snow on the day that I left home. The trip was a great early winter get away! During the meeting, each sister organization provided an update. Most of the ACOPA update related to Academy actions and subsequent vote. My... READ MORE
Twice a year, the North American Actuarial Council (NAAC) meets in person to exchange information on current activities within each organization and discuss profession-wide issues. It also encourages coordination and cooperation among the North American actuarial organizations, including: American... READ MORE
The American Retirement Association’s staff and volunteer Legislative Retirement Committee (LRC) both review legislative proposals and proactively propose legislative changes to improve the employer-provided retirement system. Over a period of years, many of ARA’s proposals have appeared in... READ MORE
  The IRS released Notice 2018-74 to modify and update the safe harbor explanations that may be used to satisfy the notice requirements of Code Section 402(f). This article describes the key provisions of the notice. Background  Section 402(f) requires the plan administrator of a qualified of a... READ MORE
FASB has announced changes to the disclosure requirements for pension and other (OPEB) plans. Several items were removed; several were added. These changes are generally effective for 2021 (2022 for nonpublic entities), although earlier adoption is permitted. There are no changes in the methodology... READ MORE
On Sept. 22-24, 2018, the President, President-elect and Executive Director of ACOPA will attend a meeting of the North American Actuarial Council (NAAC). NAAC consists of the Presidents and Presidents-elect of the five U.S. actuarial organizations, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) and the... READ MORE
Throughout the summer the PBGC has been implementing some very helpful practices to easing pension plan practitioners’ jobs when dealing with PBGC-covered DB plans. This has come in the form of: Practitioner FAQ Update Standard Plan Termination Submission Process Update PBGC/ACOPA Joint Web... READ MORE
The Department of Labor announced Aug. 2 that they are soliciting nominations for vacancies on the ERISA Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans. Nominations are due by Sept. 17, 2018. Click here for details. Additionally, the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries is... READ MORE
We’ve been hard at work filling an extensive schedule with options to meet your continuing education credit requirements, strengthen your knowledge, and expand your expertise. There will be a number of sessions that encourage audience participation and discussion, fostering engagement with your... READ MORE
For those who may have been preoccupied with last year’s deadline season, the ASB adopted a new ASOP last September 2017. This ASOP has been a few years in the making, with the First Exposure Draft in December 2014 and the Second Exposure Draft in June 2016. We are now approaching the effective... READ MORE
The answer to most “knock knock” jokes is hilarious and funny. However, the answer, “GDPR, GDPR, GDPR,” to my “Knock Knock! Who's there?” post on the ACOPA Listserv on June 6, 2018, is anything but hilarious and funny.   What is GDPR?   The acronym GDPR stands for the General Data Protection... READ MORE
The ASPPA College of Pension Actuaries (ACOPA) honored Norman Levinrad, EA, CPC, FSPA, MAAA, with the 2018 Edward E. Burrows Distinguished Achievement Award at the ACOPA Actuarial Symposium in Chicago on Aug. 10. The Edward E. Burrows Distinguished Achievement Award is presented annually to a... READ MORE