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Ted Godbout

When it comes to managing 401(k) investment allocation transactions, a new study suggests that the usability of key website features represents one of the most persistent problems across provider interfaces.   Two seemingly tangential features that came up continually during Corporate Insight’s... READ MORE
As the world’s largest retirement market, current trends in the U.S. will have a disproportionate impact on leading financial services firms over the next two decades, says a new report.  While noting that retirement “is and will continue to be” one of the largest growth opportunities for wealth... READ MORE
Beachgoers weren’t the only ones taking some time off in July, as 401(k) trading activity among 401(k) plan participants logged only one above-normal day, according to the Alight Solutions 401(k) Index. This comes following a busy second quarter, which registered the heaviest quarter of net trading... READ MORE
  A new study contends that American workers’ participation in employer-sponsored retirement plans is significantly higher than suggested by the most commonly cited statistics.  In fact, nearly two-thirds of workers between ages 26 and 64 participate in such plans, either directly or through a... READ MORE
Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives to prohibit the use of premiums paid to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation from being used to pay for federal spending initiatives.  Introduced July 25 by Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA) and cosponsored by Reps. George... READ MORE
In an effort to help address the issue of retirement plan leakage, the Department of Labor has approved the Retirement Clearinghouse’s request for relief from ERISA’s prohibited transaction restrictions to receive fees in relation to its pioneering auto-portability program. The DOL’s Employee... READ MORE
Some trends, such as reduced pension coverage, low savings rates and longer lifespans, have led many to fear a looming retirement crisis, while others, such as women’s increased employment and earnings, longer working lives and economic growth, point to better retirement outcomes. So how will these... READ MORE
New research shows that small business plan participants are benefiting from enhanced plan design features, but some findings suggest that more can be done.  Vanguard’s sixth annual “How America Saves: Small business edition,” reveals that employees enrolled in plans with an automatic enrollment... READ MORE
The Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee in July 24 remarks argued that it is time to get the SECURE Act over the goal line.  “There are not many examples of the sort of bipartisanship [we saw] on the SECURE Act that you can look to,” Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) explained to delegates at... READ MORE
A senior Labor Department official suggests keeping an eye out for proposed guidance addressing electronic disclosure of retirement plan information.  Jeanne Wilson, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary with the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), said the... READ MORE
At the opening session of the 2019 NAPA D.C. Fly-in Forum on July 23, ASPPA Executive Director (and American Retirement Association CEO) Brian Graff noted that it’s a “hot mess” in Washington – both literally and figuratively.  Expressing his frustration that the bipartisan Setting Every Community... READ MORE
The cost of investing in equity and hybrid mutual funds through 401(k) plans fell again in 2018, continuing a trend that has persisted for nearly 20 years.  In 2000, 401(k) plan participants incurred an average expense ratio of 0.77% for investing in equity mutual funds, but by 2018, that figure ... READ MORE
A steady stream of trades in one direction made for the heaviest quarter of net trading since the third quarter of 2016, according to the Alight Solutions 401(k) Index. The firm’s second-quarter observations show that net transfers for the quarter were 0.61% of balances, compared to 0.50% for the... READ MORE
A new multinational survey finds that retirement benefits are considered a top factor among individuals when deciding on a job offer, and a separate multinational survey contends a company’s workplace culture is just as important.   Survey results from Accenture covering 5,000 employees across 10... READ MORE
  Patrick Pizzella, the current Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor, will take over as the Acting Labor Secretary in the wake of Alexander Acosta’s July 12 resignation.   Pizzella, who has served as the Deputy Secretary since April 2018, will likely serve as the Acting Secretary until a... READ MORE
Most DC plan sponsors feel a high level of responsibility for participants’ financial wellness, but a new survey finds that many are not taking proactive measures to position them for success.   J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s fourth biennial survey of U.S. defined contribution plan sponsors finds... READ MORE
One strategy that’s often recommended to increase plan contributions in plans without automatic enrollment is to “stretch the match,” but a recent study suggests that may not achieve the desired results. When plan sponsors stretch the match, they apply an existing dollar match to a higher... READ MORE
The so-called Butch Lewis Act to address funding problems facing multiemployer pension plans continues to work its way through the legislative labyrinth, with a second House committee approving the legislation in recent weeks.    In what at times was a hotly debated markup session, on July 10 the... READ MORE
Paying their children’s expenses while caring for their parents, Gen X families are facing a precarious financial situation as they close in on retirement, a new report explains.   The study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), which examines key financial indicators of Gen X... READ MORE
Financial wellness programs are more effective if they are accompanied by programs that address physical wellness as well as programs that educate participants and motivate them to take action, say recent studies. Wedding of Financial and Physical Wellness In what the firm suggests adds to the... READ MORE