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Alan Stone

As some of us gather at our first conference since the pandemic, there is excitement in the air for this week’s Symposium. The biggest question we face…will flights leave on time coming and going? I had to drive to the EA-2L Exam Writers Committee Meeting in Toronto after my flight was cancelled.... READ MORE
Hope your summer is off to a fun start. The end of June and beginning of July period truly feels like my one break during the busy year, even as the storm of September is on the horizon. First up this month, the ASEA Monthly staff presents its write-up of David Kupstas’ recent presentation—I  the... READ MORE
Happy Summer ASEA!   The fourth issue in four months is here! Thank you to Elizabeth, Joey, David, and the writers!  Elizabeth did double (or more likely octo) duty this month. She provided this article about various volunteer opportunities. I hope someone is inspired to get more involved with... READ MORE
Hello ASEA!! We had our first nice weekend in New York in two months, and I’m heading out for a week away — so it’s all good spirits here. Our third issue in three months! Big thanks especially to Elizabeth Duda, as well as Joey Santos-Jones and David Kupstas. Let’s also give it up for David... READ MORE
Hello ASEA — Who is excited about the ASEA Advanced Actuarial Symposium in Chicago on Aug. 11-12? Besides the great classes, you can see Madonna at Chicago’s United Center on Aug. 9 and 10, Bruce Springsteen at Wrigley Field on Aug. 9 and 11, and Reggae Gold on Aug. 10 at Subterranean. That last... READ MORE
Hello ASEA — It has been a challenging March 15 season (if not brain-crushing). It reminds me of planning a 2023 trip with high school friends last winter. We were picking a tentative date, and I advised that before March 15 would not be a good time for me to go ... and neither would before April... READ MORE
Hello ASEA! I recently had the pleasure of attending the “Oscars of pension plans,” also known as ASPPA Annual. The big winners included Tom Finnegan, who was awarded the prestigious Harry T. Eidson Founders Award and Lynn Young who took home both the Educator’s Award and the Edward E. Burrows... READ MORE
Hello ASEA!  It has been a fantastic summer, but I am trying to shift into ‘9/15 and 5500’ busy season before the avalanche hits. For those who were lucky enough to go to the ASEA Symposium, I hope you had a fantastic time and learned a lot. It would seem so, as Angie Vadnais, Senior Consulting... READ MORE
Hello, ASEA— Welcome to our annual Music Issue, or at least a nod to the upcoming summer concert season… cheers to upcoming nice nights under the stars listening to music. I finally caught COVID for the first time (with minimal side effects). April was tricky—indoor concerts were a go in NYC but... READ MORE
Hello ASEA– I had a momentous life change that occurred during the December Zoom call with the Legislative Relations Committee (LRC). Though I usually keep my Zoom camera off during such calls as I make coffee and put my work away for the day, I was in the holiday spirit and wanted to interact a... READ MORE
Hello ASEA – Hope you all had a nice time at ASPPA Annual, perhaps in person. I have not seen another actuary in person in over two years and truly hope 2022 is the magic year where we get back to normal.  I remember one of the last actuaries I met in person and connected with over our love of... READ MORE
Hello ASEA— I am in the midst of getting ready for a few days off, while new issues and requests come in. Luckily, I have the ASEA Google Group to help with the more esoteric issues. Much appreciation to the big brains of ASEA. Summer is here, and you know what that means—getting geared up for... READ MORE
Hello ASEA— Hope you are all enjoying the nicer weather, loosening of restrictions and the new look of MyPAA. All result in more fun in our lives! I have enjoyed the post-April work slowdown and finally taking some time off here and there. Enjoy your summer vacations as September and October loom... READ MORE
Hello ASEA— Happy 2020.5, all. I look forward to getting back to the old normal sooner than later. But actuarial work continues... I was edumacating (sic) myself on 401(a)(26) rules under the SECURE Act and I came across an article by John Markley, our former president and Industry Relations... READ MORE
Hello ASEA— Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season. I hope next year is back to the normal we once knew. As we live in somewhat of a divided nation, our first article concerns the epitome of a divided nation, the Civil War. Incredibly, the last Civil War-era pension died... READ MORE
If I have one actuarial memory that will last forever, it will be the early 1990s, and getting the actuarial results in the mail at my Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment (it was really Park Slope South – not the best neighborhood back then). I can still see the shelf where the mailman put the envelope... READ MORE
Aug. 6, 2020 I am gearing up for vacation next week, so the introduction to the articles will be shorter than usual. Vacation in the pandemic age is a bit different. My plans went from a week in Toronto (cancelled) to a week in Kiawah Island, SC (quarantine required upon return) to a few days in... READ MORE
Hello ASEA—  Greetings from Queens, New York!  I have been very lucky not losing any friends or family, working from home, and staying healthy. The cancelled July meeting in Toronto for the EA-2L exam committee was a gut punch, but of course it could be worse. Alas, we will still meet, but... READ MORE
Hello ASEA— Welcome to the first ASEA Monthly. The ACOPA Monthly is no more. Another change is how crazily busy I have been for this March deadline. I don’t recall ever being this stressed out this early in the year. At least not in the last decade. Between that and the coronavirus, not feeling... READ MORE
Hello ACOPA–  Change is in the air! Except for the horribly cold day we had in New York, and my recent 48-hour encounter with bad oysters, most of the changes are good ones! The first big change is the changing of the guard within ACOPA leadership. We said goodbye to the great John Markley after... READ MORE