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Robert Richter

The Treasury and IRS have proposed regulations designed to encourage adoption of multiple employer plans (MEPs)  – though they’re not final yet. Specifically, the proposed regulations would provide an exception to the “one bad apple” rule for certain MEPs. A MEP is a plan adopted by two or more... READ MORE
The benefits and legal communities have lost one of the stalwart champions of the private retirement system — Alvin D. Lurie, who passed away Nov. 17 at age 92. Many younger practitioners never heard Al speak nor read any of the plethora of articles he authored. Al’s unique writing style and... READ MORE
Do you have a question you’d like to ask the IRS? ASPPA’s IRS Q&A subcommittee wants to hear from you. We are currently gathering questions for the Defined Contribution IRS/Treasury Question & Answer general session at this October’s Annual Conference.The question and answer general session... READ MORE
While it is true that safe harbor 401(k) plans are free from the testing of deferrals and, in most cases, matching contributions, it is also true that there are potential pitfalls that may jeopardize the plan’s qualification status. Our session on Monday, Oct. 27 at the ASPPA Annual Conference will... READ MORE
Pre-approved plans (that is, prototype and volume submitter plans) have become the primary documents used by practitioners for the establishment of qualified retirement plans. The IRS encourages the use of pre-approved plans and has therefore increased the flexibility of these plans; plan document... READ MORE