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What is the MAPCP?

ASEA Monthly

The Mid-Atlantic Pension Counseling Project (MAPCP) provides information, advice, and representation to retired workers and their family members seeking to access pension benefits. MAPCP helps workers and retirees track down pension information, determine whether they are entitled to benefits, and ensure that they receive the correct amount. We assist callers with questions and problems concerning all types of retirement income plans offered by private and government employers. We advocate for workers and their families whose benefits have been miscalculated or unfairly denied. MAPCP is generously funded by the U.S. Administration on Aging, and has different eligibility guidelines from other LSNYC projects: we can assist callers regardless of income if the caller, their spouse, employer, or pension plan is located in New York or New Jersey.  

We also have a litigation project which, based on case-by-case decisions, will represent people on court proceedings. Unfortunately, because of restriction imposed by our funders, to represent people in litigation they normally have to have very low incomes or resources. By contrast, there are no income or resource limitations for individuals we counsel or advocate for short of filing suit.

Gary Stone is a Senior Staff Attorney in Brooklyn Legal Services’ Workers’ Rights and Benefits Unit in Brooklyn, NY.