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Sometimes rules are made to be broken — even when they are long-standing and seem rock-solid. The 4 percent rule is one, and “Breaking the 4 Percent Rule,” a recent paper by J.P. Morgan makes the case for that. (The 4 percent rule advises retirees to withdraw 4 percent of their retirement account... READ MORE
Municipal bankruptcies like Detroit’s bring into sharp relief the effect such financial strains can have on pensions, as well as the effect of what local and state governments do. But there is good news — most states have taken steps to protect public-sector pensions. In fact, according to... READ MORE
Target date funds reflect that flexibility and engagement have become firmly entrenched aspects of retirement plan management for both participants and plan sponsors. In a NAPA webinar, “Target Date Trends and Evaluation,” T. Rowe Price’s Jerome A. Clark discussed how TDFs reflect greater... READ MORE
Is your pension plan fully funded? The answer is relevant to more than individual participants’ accounts, as Bob Collie posits in the Fiduciary Matters Blog. A plan’s funding level also affects how a plan’s assets are allocated and invested, as well as pension de-risking. Pension plans that are not... READ MORE
Saying that she is troubled by 401(k) providers that are circumventing the 408(b)(2) fee disclosure rule’s demands, EBSA’s Phyllis Borzi warned providers March 11 that they need to do a better job at following the rule’s requirements to provide information that is easy to understand. In a telephone... READ MORE
Speaker: Stephen W., Forbes, J.D., LL.M., SunGard         Click HERE to view the webcast outline! Or click HERE to view to a Safe Harbor cheat sheet from Stephen Forbes.Whether testing or designing a cross-tested plan, safe harbor 401(k) plan or traditional 401(k) plan, the... READ MORE
Speaker: Mark K. Dunbar, MSPA, MAAA, President, Dunbar, Bender & Zapf, Inc. The webcast will analyze the requirements and options when utilizing cross-testing, including numerous case studies.Attendee Takeaways:Case Studies will be provided, which help the attendee to utilize... READ MORE
Available through April 24, 2015 Speaker: Janice M. Wegesin, CPC, QPA, President, JMW Consulting, Inc. Most employee benefit plans require an annual Form 5500 filing.  This program will offer you the opportunity to ask questions as well as: - Learn about changes to the 2013 Form... READ MORE