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Mixed Results for Pension Plans in April

Practice Management

Ah, Spring: one day cold, one day warm. Like Mother Nature, private-sector pension plans showed mixed results in April, according to multiple reports. 

Funded Status 


Reports about how the funded status of private-sector pension plans fared in April varied, but they were fairly consistent regarding what the level was: 


Agilis showed mixed results, too, reporting that in April funded status improved for pension plans with “meaningful allocations” to large cap developed market equities, while those funding levels fell for pension plans with large allocations to emerging market stocks or small caps. 

Longer Term. The analysts also are divided on how pension plans’ funding levels are doing for the year so far: 







Pension plans’ asset levels improved in April, say October Three, Wilshire and Milliman. October Three says that assets for both the traditional and the conservative plan they track improved by 1%. Milliman and Wilshire report an improvement of 0.65% and 0.5%, respectively. 



October Three and Milliman say that in April, pension liabilities rose — by 1% and 1.28%, respectively. Wilshire found that they were unchanged.