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Edward E. Burrows Distinguished Achievement Award

The Edward E. Burrows Distinguished Achievement Award is presented annually to a pension actuary who has, by his or her actions, set an example for other pension actuaries. This is an actuary that has gone above and beyond in advancing ethics, education, beneficial legislation or regulations (or such other actions as the selection committee deems appropriate) that enhance the private pension system, or the professionalism of enrolled actuaries within the private pension system. Ed Burrows was a beacon in this regard, and ASEA honors him by presenting an award that recognizes those who follow his example.

2022 Award Winner

Lynn M. Young, FSEA


Past Award Winners

2021    Mark Dunbar, MSEA

2020    Thomas Finnegan, FSEA

2019    Kevin J. Donovan, FSEA

2018    Norman Levinrad, CPC, FSPA

2017    Michael B. Preston, FSPA

2016    Judy A. Miller, MSPA

2015    Larry Deutsch, FSPA

2014    Cynthia A. Groszkiewicz, MSPA

2013    Richard A. Block, FSPA

2012    James E. Holland Jr, FSPA

2011    Janet S. Eisenberg, FSPA

2010    Robert H. Schramm, MSPA

2009    Joan Gucciardi, MSPA

2008    Edward E. Burrows, MSPA