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Previous Scholarship Winners and Testimonials


Several of the previous scholarship winners have continued their education with ASPPA and made strides in their careers. We reached out to previous winners to see what they thought of the scholarship and ASPPA, and whether they had any advice for other credential seekers:

“The PenChecks scholarship was incredibly helpful in my career. It gave me a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence to move forward in this industry. With the help of the scholarship I was able to complete the required testing in under 1 year and receive my QKA as soon as my second year in the industry was complete.” – Kaitlin Schaefer, QKA, TGPC, 2014 Winner

The PenChecks scholarship “allowed me to accelerate my credential earnings by a full year. … I earned my QKA in 2017, where I was planning on earning it in 2018.” – Chad Curtis, QKA, 2016 Winner

“Don’t put [earning the QKA credential] off.  Both for yourself and your business, having these credentials makes a difference in the eyes of others and clients.” – Michael Hagan, QKA, 2016 Winner

“I have received two promotions since receiving this scholarship. I believe the knowledge learned from taking the RPF, DC-1 and DC-2 {courses] has aided in these promotion decisions. … [The QKA] is not a course that you want to cram to take the test on. I would suggest study groups within your office if there are multiple people planning on taking the course.” – Chad Carleton, 2016 Winner

Below is a list of all previous PenChecks Scholarship winners:


  • QKA:
    • Caitlin Erickson
    • Daniel Gustafson
    • Amy Hamann
    • Sarah Kracht
    • Erin Maloney
    • Joseph Moll
    • Margaret Severson
    • Michelle Swift
  • QKC:
    • Andrea Blubaugh
    • Jim Deasy
    • Cesar Olivares
    • Vijay Thaivalappil
  • QPA:
    • Crystal Gibbs
  • CPC:
    • Kimberly Miller


  • QKA:
    • Pamela Lacy
    • Robert Petsche
    • Eleanor Perkins
    • Noah Smits
    • Kevin Schlitter
    • Suzanne Romero
    • Oscar Herrada
    • Peter Lee
  • QKC:
    • Emily Martin
    • Cody Book
    • Megan Williamson
    • Rebecca Raymond
  • QPA:
    • Chad Carleton
  • CPC:
    • Danelle Saucier


  • Cara Anderson
  • Tamme Ford
  • Jason Gravlin
  • Bradley Hanovich
  • Mary Korkes
  • Patrick Spieler


  • Mark Abbonizio
  • Kristi Dalley
  • Ivan Gonzalez
  • Anthony Kranz
  • Kim Nowicki
  • Cristian Wisner


  • Amy Evans
  • Calvan Medeiros-Rice
  • Christina Smalls
  • Grame Hansell
  • Kevin Tomek
  • Megan Yearous


  • Brittany Burt
  • Nicholas DiDomenico
  • Sarah Duncombe
  • Andrew Montgomery
  • Rebecca Wolf
  • Logan Young


  • Chad Carleton
  • Chad Curtis
  • Michael Hagan
  • Emily Halbach


  • Suzie Andersen
  • Taylor Clark
  • Shantell Richardson
  • Christopher Mathys


  • Robert Brown
  • Katilin Dahlberg
  • Lynnmarie Easton
  • Patricia Anderson