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Defined Benefit Administration Certificate

The Defined Benefit Administration Certificate is earned by reading the required reading and passing the certificate exam. This program is designed to teach the non-actuary the administration of a defined benefit plan, including the basics of determining contributions, the applicable deadlines, calculations for termination and retirement benefits, and other critically important aspects of these types of plans.

The DB-A Certificate is valuable to administrators interested in expanding their knowledge of defined benefit plans; providing full-defined benefit plan administration support to their plan’s actuaries; improving their consulting abilities with defined benefit plan clients; developing basic actuarial skills; and becoming a more valuable asset to their employer. Topics covered in the DB-A program include: contributions and accrued benefits; hybrid and floor offset plans; present value and termination; calculations; and the ASPPA Code of Professional Conduct.

DB-A Certificate Package (syllabus)

Anyone seeking the DB-A certificate must read the ASPPA CE Policy and the ASPPA Exam Policy.

Required Reading

Recommended Reading


  • DB-A Exam Attempt 1
  • DB-A Exam Attempt 2

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CE Credits

Candidates who successfully complete DB-A certificate program will be awarded the following credit:

  • 7.5 ASPPA CE credits