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Two Fundamental Points About ESG Investments: Exclusive Hauser Clip

Government Affairs

How does the Biden Administration’s ESG rule differ from its predecessor?
Tim Hauser, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Program Operations of the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), tells American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff that the new rule was careful not to go overboard and move in the opposite direction from the 2020 rule. The Biden Administration focused not on encouraging or discouraging ESG investment but rather on a “neutrality principle,” according to Hauser.

“We’d given a number of examples of the kinds of investments that people could make,” he explained. “Some commenters said, ‘Look, that could be read as kind of going in the other direction from the 2020 rule, that maybe you’re doing too much to encourage those kinds of investments.’ That wasn’t the intent here. So, we took those examples out.”

In Graff’s exclusive interview, Hauser describes two fundamental points about ESG investments under the rule. Find out what they are in the following four-minute clip.