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Call For Nominations for the Harry T. Eidson Founders Award

Inside ASPPA

Harry T. Eidson, FSPA, CPC, a Texas-based actuary, truly embodied vision and grit coming out of the wild west of pension plans from the 1940s until ERISA was enacted in 1974 by collaborating to found ASPA on Halloween 1966!

In memory, honor, and recognition of the mission and values that have propelled Harry T. Eidson’s vision, ASPPA recognizes up to two individuals each year — one ASPPA member and/or one person outside of ASPPA — by honoring them with its most prestigious award, the Harry T. Eidson Founders Award.

First given to Edward E. Burrows, MSPA, in 1995, the Eidson Award recognizes significant contributions to ASPPA and/or the private workplace retirement system. Other past recipients are a who’s who among retirement industry leaders.

The ASPPA Leadership Council selects the recipients of the Eidson Award from a list of nominees. Nominations for the award are sought from those working in the retirement industry and ASPPA members. In making its selection, the Leadership Council considers the following criteria:

  • The contribution must be consistent with ASPPA’s mission and should have a lasting, positive influence on ASPPA or the private workplace retirement system.
  • The contribution may be current, one that spanned many years, or one made years ago from which ASPPA or the private workplace retirement system benefits today.
  • The contribution should be a result of time devoted above and beyond reasonable expectations and not a result of time spent primarily for personal gain.
  • The contribution may have been made and/or recognized on a national or regional level; however, publicity is not a criterion.

Do you know someone who you believe exemplifies these characteristics? If so, submit a nomination for the Eidson Award today! 

JJ McKinney, CPC, ERPA, is ASPPA Vice President.