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The Oregon Retirement Savings Board (ORSB) on April 2 reviewed a proposal to change the rules and amend OregonSaves to allow a presumption of employer exemption. The Oregon Treasury filed the proposal on Feb. 16. It held a public hearing on the proposal on March 19 and accepted public comments... READ MORE
The most powerful committee in the U.S. House of Representatives has advanced a powerful piece of retirement reform legislation – unanimously. Signifying the importance of the issue, the first markup meeting of the House Ways & Means Committee for the 116th Congress on April 2 featured the... READ MORE
Ever since passage of the Economic Growth Tax Relief and Recovery Act of 2001 (EGTRRA), individuals who are age 50 or over at the end of the calendar year can make annual catch-up contributions – as much as $6,000 in 2019.  The provision was designed to allow workers to “catch up” on contributions... READ MORE
Hello ACOPA – It has been a tiring first three months of 2019, work-wise. January Madness did not stop with March as we dealt with March 15 deadlines. The April 15 deadline is fast approaching with a new burst of stress. Summer can’t arrive soon enough as it brings on vacation time, summer... READ MORE
In 2013, I responded to an ad on our beloved ACOPA discussion board to volunteer for the EA2-L Exam Writer’s committee. For those who don’t know, EA2-L is what I like to call the “everything but the funding law” exam. It is an incredible way to remain sharp on topics that you might see day-to-day... READ MORE
This column is to update ACOPA members on the view of progress from the President of ACOPA. Much ACOPA leadership time in recent months has been spent on responding to September 2018 actions of the American Academy of Actuaries. To briefly review, the Academy voted to remove ACOPA and the... READ MORE
Recently, many of our colleagues have received inquiries about “401(h) plans.” A 401(h) is not a type of plan but rather an ancillary benefit of a defined benefit plan. A 401(h) account provides a highly efficient way to fund retiree health benefits. Contributions to the account are tax-deductible... READ MORE
The Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA), part of the American Retirement Association (ARA), has launched a new and innovative education program and credential: the Certified Plan Sponsor Professional (CPSP™). Developed by plan sponsors in collaboration with education experts at ARA and some of... READ MORE
The leaders of the Senate Finance Committee, Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-OR), have introduced the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA) once again. The Senate action comes as members of the House Ways & Means Committee are poised to pass its own... READ MORE
Concluding that “DOL’s Final Rule stretches the definition of ‘employer’ beyond what ERISA’s text and purpose will bear,” a federal judge has thrown the Labor Department’s association health plan rule for a loss.  The association health plan (AHP) rule, finalized last June, claimed to make... READ MORE