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Only 28% of businesses with less than 10 employees offer retirement plans, and only 51% of businesses with 10-24 employees offer them. New research from Capital Group found that many business owners may not be offering a plan due to misperceptions around cost and company size requirements,... READ MORE
According to Bank of America’s latest 401(k) Participant Pulse report, there was some good news to offset the less favorable news amid ongoing economic headwinds.  Notably, the firm’s first quarter, 2023 data shows that fewer participants took loans, but for higher amounts, while hardships... READ MORE
The Vermont House of Representatives has passed legislation that would create VTSaves, bringing the state one step closer to becoming the latest to establish a state-run retirement program to provide coverage to private-sector employees whose employers do not. The state Senate had passed S.135 on... READ MORE
Nominations are now being accepted for American Retirement Association’s 2024 Board of Directors.  Elected at-large members of the Board of Directors serve for one term of three calendar years. Nominees must be nominated by at least two members to be considered.  Submit a nomination today! Click... READ MORE
The impact of the pandemic over the last two years has prompted businesses of all sizes to reevaluate their benefit packages and small businesses are no exception.   In fact, nearly all small business owners surveyed (93%) have re-evaluated their strategy and plan to make changes to their business... READ MORE
Ah, Spring: one day cold, one day warm. Like Mother Nature, private-sector pension plans showed mixed results in April, according to multiple reports.  Funded Status    Reports about how the funded status of private-sector pension plans fared in April varied, but they were fairly consistent... READ MORE
While the SECURE Act and SECURE 2.0 seek to make it easier for small business to offer a retirement plan, many employers that do not offer coverage still appear to be clinging to the same reasons for not doing so.  According to a new survey report by the Transamerica Institute and its... READ MORE
Hello ASEA!! We had our first nice weekend in New York in two months, and I’m heading out for a week away — so it’s all good spirits here. Our third issue in three months! Big thanks especially to Elizabeth Duda, as well as Joey Santos-Jones and David Kupstas. Let’s also give it up for David... READ MORE
In recent years there has been a lot of discussion around the topic of Imposter Syndrome. Initially called the “Imposter Phenomenon” in the 1970s by Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes, “an internal experience of intellectual phoniness” and the fear of it being exposed, was once believed to be a... READ MORE
At the end of the plan year, some of our small cash balance (CB) and traditional defined benefit (DB) clients will contact us wanting to know what “the” contribution is for the previous year, as though there was a single option for what they are required to put in.  In fact, there is not one... READ MORE