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EOB Issues

Possible Problem: You are using the wrong access instructions
Solution:         Follow the new 2014 EOB Access Instructions.  Close this window to view the new instructions.

 Possible Problem: You are not be properly “linked” to your employer.  This can happen if you didn’t provide your employer’s name when you set up your ASPPA account, or if you work in an alternate employer location.

Solution:         Contact us so we can properly connect you to your employer. Be sure to provide your employer’s name in your email.


Possible Problem: You have access, but cannot view the content (often a blank screen)

Solution:         Clear your browser’s cache:


Your browser’s cache (also called a Temporary Internet Files folder), contains files from web sites you've visited. All browsers maintain a cache of files to help with faster display of web pages. Sometimes, a cache can make your page display incorrectly. Clearing the cache can help.Every browser has its own instructions on how to clear the cache-but they are all very easy, even for the most novice computer user.  For instructions on how to clear your browser’s cache, ask a coworker, your IT department, or do a quick internet search.


Still having access trouble? Contact us for help.