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A participant lawsuit claims that American Airlines has put retirement savings at risk by investing with managers and funds that “pursue leftist political agendas through environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies, proxy voting, and shareholder activism.” Participant-plaintiff (and... READ MORE
What's in the episode?: “Our constituents are critically important to this country,” Investment Company Institute’s (ICI) Eric Pan tells Brian Graff in the latest episode of D.C. Pension Geeks. “They’re critically important not only to the economic success of the country, but they’re also... READ MORE
“Fair freshhe May,” wrote Chaucer. Perhaps he was referring to this one, which smiled kindly on private-sector pension plans according to several reports.  Funded Status  Reports show that the funded status of private-sector pension plans improved in May, according to October Three, Wilshire and... READ MORE
Vermont is now among the states providing a state-run plan for private-sector employees whose employers are not. Gov. Phil Scott (R) has signed into law the measure that called for the creation of their iteration.  On June 1, Scott signed S. 135, the bill that creates VTSaves.  Action on the... READ MORE
Nevada is poised to become another state with a state-run retirement savings program for private-sector employees.  The Nevada Assembly passed the bill, SB305, on June 4 by a vote of 35-7. Senate Chief Majority Whip Dallas Harris (D-Las Vegas) introduced the bill on March 16; it was referred to... READ MORE
The shift from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans is not new. It may be less common in the public sector, but it is not unknown among public employers. A recent study looks at what that has meant for the Alaska education sector.  The National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS... READ MORE
When you see a headline that confirms your sense of the world, you’re naturally predisposed to embrace, remember (and these days “share”) it as a validation of what you already perceive reality to be. Indeed, as human beings, we’re drawn to perspectives, surveys, and studies that validate our... READ MORE
By now, everyone is well aware that SECURE 2.0 was signed into law on Dec. 29, 2022. One of the provisions in SECURE 2.0 is Section 604, a fundraiser provision that allows plan participants to elect to have any fully vested employer contributions funded to a defined contribution plan made as Roth... READ MORE
At the recent PSCA national conference, ARA CEO Brian Graff and EBSA Assistant Secretary Lisa M. Gomez discussed a wide range of topics, including the many misunderstandings about cyber liability insurance (which could be a huge fiduciary failure) and the ESG rule.    This session follows Graff... READ MORE
The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) sent a letter to the Department of Labor (DOL) on May 30 urging it to “effectively and expeditiously” implement SECURE 2.0. It also urged the DOL to prioritize six provisions related to the committee’s mission. More specifically... READ MORE