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Ilene Ferenczy

Grace has long looked to expand her cosmetics business (Say Grace, Inc. or SGI), and finally decides to acquire a similar company. She is introduced to Frankie, whose small, five-employee company (You’re Creamed, Inc. or YCI) manufactures natural beauty creams and balms from fruits and vegetables.... READ MORE
According to a survey on, 60% of Americans do not have sufficient funds saved to enable them to pay for an unexpected emergency expense. The failure to save money is at epidemic levels. One way that an individual can deal with desperate circumstances (or more-than-normal financial... READ MORE
We worked recently on an interesting matter that has rather far-reaching consequences for some sponsors of defined benefit and cash balance (collectively, DB) plans.Our client, a financial advisor to some retirement plans and mostly individuals, and a sponsor of a DB plan for employees at his firm... READ MORE