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Eidson Award

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In 1995, the Harry T. Eidson Founders Award was established to honor the memory of ASPPA’s founder, Harry T. Eidson, FSPA, CPC. Eidson was the initial inspiration behind the formation of ASPPA in 1966. He firmly believed in the importance of a private pension system for the United States and was committed to building an organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing such a system. Each year, one or two individuals may be honored for this award. 

There are two award recipient categories - one award may be presented to an ASPPA member and one may be presented to someone outside of ASPPA. Both awards acknowledge individuals who have made significant contributions to ASPPA and/or to the private pension system. Each year, the Leadership Council selects the award recipients from the list of nominees, assuming there are deserving candidates. Nominations for the award are sought from those working in the pension industry as well as from the ASPPA membership.

We encourage you to take the time and nominate a worthy candidate for either of these two prestigious award categories. Anyone who knows of eligible candidates may submit nominations for these awards.

The following criteria are used to determine the nominees for both award categories: 
  • The contribution must be consistent with the ASPPA mission statement and should have a lasting, positive influence on ASPPA or the private pension system. 
  • The contribution may be current, one that spanned many years, or one made years ago from which ASPPA or the private pension system benefits today. 
  • The contribution should be a result of time devoted above and beyond reasonable expectations and not a result of time spent primarily for personal gain.
  • The contribution may have been made and/or recognized on a national or regional level; however publicity is not a criterion. 
Please note that award recipients need not be ASPPA members. Each recipient of the award receives a personalized award memento in recognition of his or her achievement, hotel accommodation and airfare to the ASPPA Annual Conference to attend the awards presentation. In addition, each recipient's name is engraved on a permanent plaque displayed in the American Retirement Association office.
Previous Honorees 
2018    Mark Iwry
2017    Joan Gucciardi
2016    Judy A. Miller, MSPA
2015    Dallas Salisbury
2014    Sheldon H. Smith, APM
2013    Sal L. Tripodi, APM
2012    Lawrence C. Starr, CPC, QPFC
2011    Bruce L. Ashton, APM
2010    Curtis E. Huntington, APM
2009    Samuel Savitz, MSPA, CPC
2008    Karen Jordan, CPC, QPA, QKA and Paul Schultz
2007    Michael Callahan, MSPA and Evelyn Petschek
2006    Janice M. Wegesin, CPC, QPA, and Carol D. Gold
2005    G. Patrick Byrnes, MSPA
2004    Fred Reish, APM
2003    Robert D. Lebenson, MSPA
2002    Curtis D. Hamilton, MSPA, CPC
2001    Ruth F. Frew, FSPA, CPC
1999    Leslie S. Shapiro, JD, in 2000; Howard J. Johnson, MSPA
1998    Andrew J. Fair, APM
1997    Chester J. Salkind
1996    John N. Erlenborn
1995    Edward E. Burrows, MSPA