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Fellow, Society of Enrolled Actuaries (FSEA)

Credential Overview

The FSEA is ASPPA/ASEA’s advanced Fellowship designation. It represents an actuary's highest achievement within ASEA and those who achieve this designation have shown levels of knowledge and understanding of the private pension system significantly beyond what they are tested on through the enrolled actuary examinations.

The FSEA credential can be earned through the examination or experience nomination path:

FSEA - Experience Track

MSEAs who have been practicing in the pension actuarial field for at least 15 years can be honored with the FSEA credential for the demonstration of technical and thought leadership in the pension actuarial field over an extended period at a very high level. At least two ASEA members must nominate a candidate for the FSEA designation under this track and they must attest to the candidate’s accomplishments. The candidate must furnish a detailed description of his or her accomplishments and qualifications. Nominees must be enrolled actuaries in good standing  and never been subject to discipline (this does not refer to  counseling) by any professional organization.

The nomination period will open in May, 2023. Completed applications will be considered by a committee of five current FSEA’s following the application submission deadline, and new FSEAs will be awarded the designation at the ASEA Transition Meeting in conjunction with the ASPPA Annual Conference in October, 2023.

In considering whether nominated applicants have demonstrated “technical and thought leadership in the pension actuarial field over an extended period of time at a very high level”, the committee will consider the length of the candidates' career, the testimonials of the two nominating members, and the candidates own description of their accomplishments and qualifications.  Although this list is not exhaustive, the following shall be considered as evidence of qualifications:

  • Speaking at national conference sponsored by ASPPA, Academy, SOA, NIPA, IRS, Sungard and other nationally recognized sponsors. 
  • Teaching classes for nationally recognized sponsors, colleges and/or universities.
  • Advanced degrees in actuarial science.
  • Other designations issued by national organizations, such as ASPPA, SOA, CEBs, and others.
  • Articles and papers published in professional, trade or other press.
  • Participation and leadership in ASPPA GAC, ASPPA E&E and the Pension Practice Council of the Academy and similar experience.
  • Testimony before Congress, state legislators and/or regulators.

FSEA - Examination Track

To earn the FSEA credential, candidates build upon a foundation of knowledge acquired by:

Credential Continuing Education Requirements

FSEA and MSEA members who satisfy the JBEA CE requirements are deemed to satisfy ASPPA CE requirements.


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