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An Update on the ASEA Google Group

ASEA Monthly

The ASEA Google Group is one of the most valuable benefits of membership. It sees both in-depth and diverse daily traffic. Members can jump right in and network on the Google Group, asking questions, getting answers, and participating with the best of the pension actuary industry. The only place better than the ASEA Google Group is the ASEA Advanced Actuarial Symposium! [link]   

Because the Google Group is such an active and engaging forum, in November 2022, the ASEA LC approved updated rules [link] to help better guide members and foster a welcoming environment. Although the rules have always included a prohibition on anonymous posting, the updated rules now contain an additional requirement for members to update their “Display Name.”   

Participants in the ASEA Google Group will need to have their first and last names displayed properly to remain in the Google Group. Instructions for this change can be found online [link]. 

If members have difficulty making this change, they can schedule time [link] with Elizabeth Duda, the ASEA Manager, to go through the process.