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From the Executive Editor

ASEA Monthly

Hello ASEA!!

We had our first nice weekend in New York in two months, and I’m heading out for a week away — so it’s all good spirits here. Our third issue in three months! Big thanks especially to Elizabeth Duda, as well as Joey Santos-Jones and David Kupstas.

Let’s also give it up for David Kupstas for this first article on the various decisions that go into picking an amount for a DB Plan sponsor to contribute. David is the Chief Actuary of the ACG Retirement Plan Design and Administration Division and I can see why. When I take over a plan, often the commentary regarding the recommended contribution will clue me in on the type of service the client received. Did the client get a valuation report that shows a wide range of contributions (i.e., the min and max) with no input from as to what might be best for them (and perhaps that is why we often take over quite overfunded plans)? Should I be advising clients to contribute enough to eliminate PBGC variable premiums? That’s something for me to think about. Tell me your thoughts after you read David’s article, which is here: 

Next up is Virginia C. Wentz, EA, FSEA, CPC, Director of Actuarial Services at The MandMarblestone Group, llc.  Perhaps the biggest takeaway for me is that in just having looked up her exact title, I see that she has worked for three companies with which I am not familiar.  Though I had heard of Virginia years back, and perhaps we had both been at a conference, it was when we discussed a shared client at the last ASPPA Annual that I gave my thanks again for ASEA allowing me in the same world as her — through the Google Group, leadership council, etc. Here is Virginia’s article on a change in our bylaws:

In keeping with the spirit of the LC, here is something from the ASPPA staff regarding ASPPA’s Leadership Council: 

Quick thanks to the folks that reached out to me after the last ASEA Monthly — I had asked for folks to contact me about sharing their knowledge (i.e., to write an article). We will have technical articles in future issues from these volunteers.

I predict the next writer, Tiffany Myers, will be in the Leadership Council within the next few years. I see her promoting our group and our profession on LinkedIn; in addition, she is active on the Google Group, and she will have a technical article in an upcoming ASEA Monthly

For now, I look forward to meeting her at the symposium in August, and I’m still processing some matters regarding her article. First — is it really just a couple of exams and a module from ASA to FSA (plus a presentation?). Second — the raw look at some honest emotions she shares.  With my own (somewhat old) struggles with anxiety, and how they affected me early in my career, I am still re-reading her article, which hits close to home. You can find the article by Tiffany Myers, FSA, EA, MSEA, Manager, Actuarial Services, FuturePlan, here: 

Okay, folks — email me at [email protected] about articles you want to write or whatever you wish to share with me only. 

Have a great month, all!