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Congratulations on taking the first step toward making your voice heard in Congress!

ASPPA members can become grassroots advocates on issues of major importance to our industry by participating in these advocacy efforts.   Meeting with and communicating with your Congressional representatives is critical, but it is only one part of advocacy. Educating your local community – including your neighbors, as well as establishing relationships with key members of your representative’s staff to provide the background and education that are key to informed votes are all essential elements of effective advocacy. 

ASPPA is committed to giving everyone in the pension and retirement industry who wish to be advocates the tools they need to make their voices heard. Please take a look at the tools on this website.  These can be very helpful in crafting your message to our policy leaders. 

Please let us know of any other materials you may need by contacting Alisa Wolking.

Tools Library

How America Saves is a set of talking points that spells out in plain language the benefits of private sector, employer-based retirement plans. These corresponding charts are a visual explanation of how the middle class benefits from those same retirement plans.

Small Business Owners and Retirement Savings Tax Incentives spells out how critical the current tax incentives are in a small business owner’s decision to set up and maintain a workplace retirement plan.

Americans Save at Work is an infographic that also visually explains the benefits of retirement plans to the 67 million participants.

The 20-20 Plan Talking Points are an explanation of the most destructive-to-the-industry option being discussed in the tax reform and deficit reduction debate.

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