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The Process
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Practice 1.1:  Senior management demonstrates expertise in its field, and there is a clear succession plan in place.
Practice 1.2:  There are clear lines of authority and accountability, and the mission, operations, and resources operate in a coherent manner.

Practice 1.3:  The organization has the capacity to service its client base.

Practice 1.4: Information systems and technology have a strong infrastructure, staff support and are adequately secured.

Practice 1.5:  The organization has developed programs to attract, retain, train and motivate employees.

Practice 1.6:  There is a formal structure supporting effective procedural and operational oversight.

Practice 1.7:  There is an effective risk-management process to manage the organization’s business risk.


Practice 2.1:  The organization provides disclosures that demonstrate that there are adequate resources to sustain operations.

Practice 2.2:  The organization maintains defined business strategies that support its competitive positioning.

Practice 2.3:  There is an effective process for allocating and managing both internal and external resources and vendors.

Practice 2.4:  There is adequate and appropriate disclosure and delineation of the cost of services provided to each client serviced.

Practice 2.5:  The organization has responsible and ethical reporting, marketing, and sales practices.


Practice 3.1*:  Trading and cashiering systems, processes and procedures are defined and documented. 

Practice 3.2*:  Trade processing and cashiering are done in a timely and accurate manner.

Practice 3.3:  Recordkeeping and administrative information is readily available, disclosed and accessible to authorized parties for prudent selection and monitoring of the service provider.

Practice 3.4:  Administration activities are performed in a timely and accurate manner.

*Recordkeeping only.


Practice 4.1: There is a process to periodically review the organization’s effectiveness in meeting its client responsibilities.