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Advanced DC Plan Design & Testing

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Registration begins at 8:30 am. Lunch, snacks and beverages will be provided.

Speaker: S. Derrin Watson J.D., Stephen W. Forbes J.D. LLM (Taxation)

Come join us and your fellow industry professionals along with speakers S. Derrin Watson & Stephen W. Forbes for a full day discussion on Plan Design and Testing.

Plan design and testing are closely related issues. While coverage and nondiscrimination tests are covered in basic courses, the details of these vitally important issues continue to elude even experienced practitioners, particularly in specialized environments.

This full day program brings back together two nationally recognized teachers to help you see the concerns you may have been missing, and more effectively design plans which will meet client objectives. Naturally, there will be plenty of examples and opportunities for questions.

Topics to include:

  • Ratio percentage and coverage testing issues
  • Required and permissive aggregation (for testing)
  • Plan structure considerations
  • The use and misuse of safe harbor designs
  • Controlled group/related employer issues
  • Nondiscrimination testing for related employers and multiple employer plans
  • Cross-testing plan designs
  • Student loan repayment programs
  • Latest EPCRS revisions: What to do when the plans don't work right

Seating is limited so please register early!


ASPPA Member

Register by Friday, November 2nd. If you do not have an ASPPA user ID and password, please create a free ASPPA account here. If you already have an account and do not know your login information, please contact ASPPA Customer Care.

Continuing Education

Six and a half (6.5) ASPPA and JBEA Non-Core Continuing Education credits as well as six (6) ERPA Continuing Education Credits will be available for this meeting.


Forefront Center for Meetings
404 Wyman St
Waltham, MA 02451
Contact: Tina Tufano

About the Speakers

S. Derrin Watson J.D. is a pension attorney and educator, consulting, speaking, and writing about a variety of pension topics, including 401(k), 403(b), 457, and 409A plans, and Form 5500 issues. He has been involved with qualified plans since 1977 and had his first case involving controlled groups shortly thereafter.

Derrin has maintained a strong interest in this area ever since and has become the leading authority on controlled group, affiliated service group, and leased employee issues. He has just released the 7th edition of his book, Who's the Employer, A Guide to Employer and Aggregation Issues Affecting Qualified Plans on and is currently authoring a book about 403(b) plans. In 2006, ASPPA awarded him its Educator's Award for his work in providing professional education to plan practitioners.

Stephen W. Forbes, J.D. LLM is an ERISA attorney and educator with 33 years of experience practicing and teaching in the retirement plan area. He recently returned from a three-year sabbatical where he presided over a mission for his church. Previously, Stephen was Vice President of SunGard Relius in charge of Relius Education. While at SunGard, he taught seminars, conferences and web seminars on retirement plan compliance, design and correction.

He also helped draft qualified plan, 403(b), 457(b), 409A and IRA documents and other forms and is the author of all of the editions of "The Form 5500 Filing Guide" and the co-author of "The Pension Library." Stephen came to SunGard in the acquisition of Pension Publications of Denver, Inc. where he also served as Vice President.

Previous to working for PPD, he was a Tax Law Specialist at the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service (Employee Plans Division) where he worked with Master/Prototype Plans, trained IRS employees, wrote IRS Notices and Revenue Rulings and participated in several Treasury regulations committees. After receiving his bachelor's degree, he graduated from Willamette College of Law. He then went on to obtain a Masters of Law degree in Taxation from the George Washington Law Center.