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2015 Annual Conference Handouts

GS-2 Washington Update

GS-3 Current Event Bill Grossman

GS-6 Defined Contributions Q&A

WS-01 It Isn't That Bad - Using Self-Corrections Methods Appropriately

WS-02 Extend Your Nest Egg

WS-03 Communication Challenges

WS-04 A Year in the Life of a Defined Benefit Plan

WS-05 403(b) for 401(K) Administrators

WS-06 The Genesis of Guidance

WS-07 Fiduciary Case Studies

WS-08 EPCRS VCP Advanced Case Studies

WS-09 The Scouts Manual on Hardships

WS-10 Communication Challenges for Client-facing Actuaries

WS-11 DB Plan Funding Strategies and the Use of Credit Balances

WS-12 403(B) Update Including IRS Audit Activity

WS-13 Business Practice Series

WS-15 How Safe is Your Safe Harbor Plan

WS-16 Outline

WS-16 Required Minimum Distributions- Intensive Case Studies

WS-17 DB Regulatory Update

WS-18 Maximum Deducations for Pension Plans

WS-19 Red Flags for DC Takeover Plans


WS-21 Case Study and Instructions

WS-21 Fiduciary Breach - Avoidance and Mitigation

WS-21 Case Studies

WS-22 Rehires

WS-23 Comparison Chart

WS-23 457b opportunities for TPA Business Owners

WS-24 Designing and Communicating Plans for Gen X and Gen Y

WS-25 Relationship Sales Strategies

WS-26 Advanced Affiliated Service Groups - Case Studies

WS-27 Forfeiture Stories for Late Night Campfire

WS-28 Actuarial Potpourri

WS-29 Professionalism and Ethics

WS-30 Creative Plan Design Techniques for Small Businesses

WS-31 Who is the Employer Part 1

WS-32 Handouts

WS-32 Unblurring the Lines - Understanding the Roles of Investment Providers

WS-33 The New Comparability Plans

WS-34 Trusts and Beneficiary Issues

WS-35 Benefit Restrictions

WS-36 ARA Code of Professional Conduct

WS-36 Background Information

WS-36 Circular 230

WS-36 Instructions for Participants

WS-36 Professionalism and Ethics for Actuaries

WS-37 Business Practice Series - Small TPA Business Strategies

WS-38 Who is the Employer Part 2

WS-39 Fiduciary Training and Implementing a Plan Governance Program

WS-40 Administrators Rubik Cube

WS-41 It's All About The Compensation

WS-42 Beauty and the Beast

WS-43 CB Basic

WS-44 Business Practice Series - Business Growth and Succession Planning

WS-45 (Almost) Everything You Want to Know About PEOs

WS-46 It Pays to Know Your Prohibited Transaction Exemptions

WS-47 Roth Conversions

WS-48 The Trials and Tribulations of Compensation Exclusions

WS-49 Defined Benefit Q&A

WS-50 PBGC Issues

WS-51 Business Owners: Should you offer a MEP

WS-52 Marketing IRA ROllovers

WS-54 Taking over a MEP

WS-55 Fun Times with Self-Employed Calculations

WS-56 401K Cash Balance 101 for DC Administrators

WS-57 Cash Balance Plans in 2015

WS-58 Autoenrollment Best Practices

WS-58 Supplemental Information

WS-59 Managing Client Relationships

WS-60 Form 5500 for the 21st Century Part 1

WS-61 Form 5500 for the 21st Century Part 2

WS-62 Benefits, Rights and Features Identifying, Testing and Amending

WS-63 Lump Sum Issues

WS-64 Defined Benefit Informal Roundtable

WS-65 Busiess Practice Series - Litigation Redflags for the TPA Owner

WS-66 Acturial 101 for the Non-Actuaries

WS-66 HO1 Traditional DB Plan Valuation

WS-66 HO2 Cash Balance DB Plan Valuation

WS-67 Overview and Status of Proposed Fiduciary Regulations