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By Ted Godbout9/22/2017 • 0 Comments

The American Retirement Association is urging Congress to approve legislation providing victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria access to their 401(k) and similar plan savings without incurring IRS penalties and taxes. READ MORE

By ASPPA Net Staff9/22/2017 • 0 Comments

The third riddle in the opportunity to win a complimentary registration to one of our conferences is here! READ MORE

By ASPPA Net Staff9/21/2017 • 0 Comments

On Sept. 21, 2017, the ASPPA/ARA Government Affairs Committee filed comments with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants with regard to their release of a Proposed Statement on Auditing Standards. READ MORE

By Carlos Panksep9/21/2017 • 0 Comments

Ten years ago, CEFEX and ASPPA introduced the Standard of Practice for Retirement Plan Service Providers; two firms that embraced this new ASPPA certification 10 years ago are being recognized. READ MORE

By Greg Fowler, Natalie Wyatt9/21/2017 • 0 Comments

ASPPA Annual is only a month away — Conference Co-Chairs Greg Fowler and Natalie Wyatt provide a preview. READ MORE

By John Iekel9/21/2017 • 0 Comments

A proposal to allow some retirees to receive lump sum Social Security payments would result in higher costs for Old Age, Survivor and Disabilty Insurance (OASDI) in the short term, but a small net reduction in OASDI costs in the longer term, says Social Security Chief Actuary Stephen Goss. READ MORE

By ASPPA Net Staff9/21/2017 • 0 Comments

The IRS and the PBGC have extended some forms of relief for victims of Hurricane Irma in Georgia. READ MORE