What Do Potato Chips and PC Magazine Have in Common?

By John Ortman • June 29, 2015 • 0 Comments
Ever leafed through an issue of ASPPA’s Plan Consultant magazine and were disappointed because the articles didn’t really address the things you want to read about?

Then you’re going to like this — it’s a unique opportunity to help choose the topics of future articles in the magazine. We’re using an innovative online voting tool to pick the best topics — the same tool NAPA uses to select session ideas for the annual 401(k) Summit and Frito-Lay uses to come up with “America’s favorite” new flavor of potato chip each year. Here’s how it works:

  • The online tool presents two session ideas. You pick your favorite — or add your own idea for others to vote on.
  • The process is then repeated, with two more ideas to choose from and another opportunity to suggest a better one. Every time you suggest an idea, it’s added to the pool of ideas that others vote on.
  • You can vote as often has you’d like, and see which topics are in the lead.

The voting process is fun and rapid-fire, but the concept and the science behind it are sophisticated and cutting-edge. Think of it as crowdsourcing made easy — thanks to an algorithm developed by a team at the Department of Sociology at Princeton that sorts and ranks the ideas. (If you’re  interested in the science, read their most recent research paper on “pairwise wiki surveys.”)

To get started, just click here. The poll will run until later this month; we’ll let you know about the winning ideas. Here’s hoping yours is one of them!