Launch of the American Retirement Association

By Brian Graff • March 12, 2015 • 0 Comments

Several months ago, ASPPA members overwhelmingly voted in favor of a new name and structure for the umbrella organization of our four sister associations — the American Retirement Association.  

As such, the American Retirement Association steps into the role of coordinator, overall industry advocate and provider of services like advocacy, media relations, conference support, communications, membership services, etc. And when the retirement industry as a whole needs a single voice speaking out for its interests, it now has that voice. Each sister organization will continue to be in the public limelight, of course, but associated primarily with those issues that affect its core membership. Each will also continue to set its own membership standards and classifications, and to have its own governance structure.

In the weeks since the adoption of this new structure, we have been working with the leadership of each of the individual associations, as well as the new American Retirement Association board, to develop branding, logos, and to obtain a new web address ( to accompany our new name and consistent mission: to educate all retirement plan and benefits professionals, and to create a framework of policy that gives every working American the ability to have a comfortable retirement.

Later today we’re announcing our new name and structure to the media, policy makers and the industry at large.

Along with that announcement, we are unveiling an exciting new look. As you know, the concept of a nest egg has long been how Americans think about preparing for retirement, and our new logo incorporates the image of that retirement nest egg as well as a protective shield representing our work in protecting and preserving that nest egg. This powerful image is also incorporated in the new logos of each of the sister associations.

You’ll also note that while the American Retirement Association logo is red, white and blue, each member organization has a distinctive color scheme that provides a unique identity alongside the unifying nest egg image mentioned above. For our members who would like to include our new look/logo as part of their email signatures, we have updated our member logos page on the website. You’ll find them here

In the days to come, you will see our new logos on our websites and e-newsletters, hear our customer care team identify itself as the American Retirement Association, and find that our staff email addresses been have changed to end in "," rather than "," though the old email addresses will continue to function for some time.  

What won’t change is the importance of the work you do and the critical role that we, as the nation’s largest retirement plan industry association, play in helping preserve, defend and expand America’s private retirement system.  

Brian Graff is the CEO of the American Retirement Association and the Executive Director of ASPPA.