Have You Voted Yet? ASPPA’s Restructure is in Your Hands

By John Ortman • July 09, 2014 • 0 Comments
Voting by credentialed members on the ASPPA Board of Directors’ proposal to restructure the organization is now open. Have you cast your vote yet?

The Board has decided that the best way to serve the society’s traditional members going forward is to create a new sister organization focused solely on their unique needs and concerns. The Board has recommended keeping the ASPPA name for the new sister, given its almost 50-year brand identity among retirement plan professionals. The “new ASPPA” would join ACOPA, NTSA and NAPA as part of a new “hub” organization to be named the American Retirement Council. The Council would coordinate and support the activities of all four sisters and will serve as the public face for issues affecting the organization as a whole. 

ASPPA has created a website that offers detailed information about the proposal, what it means and how it will benefit ASPPA, as well as ACOPA, NTSA and NAPA. 

The proposed changes require an amendment to the ASPPA Bylaws, so a vote must be taken to approve the Board’s recommendation. Under the current Bylaws, eligible voting members include only credentialed members. Electronic and mail-in voting will be conducted through July 28.

John Ortman is ASPPA's Communications Director.