Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA)

Credential Overview

The Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA) credential was created by ASPPA to recognize professionals who are qualified to perform the technical and administrative functions of qualified plan administration. QPAs assist employers, actuaries, and consultants in performing functions such as determination of eligibility benefits, computation of benefits, plan recordkeeping, trust accounting and disclosure, and compliance requirements.

Education Requirements

Earning ASPPA's QPA credential requires successful completion of the following examinations:

Experience Requirements

A minimum of two years experience in retirement plan related matters is required along with completion of ASPPA’s QPA examination series to be a candidate for this credential.

QPA Summary

      Cost to Obtain:

RPF Module Bundle: $480 
DC-1 Exam: $335
DC-2 Exam: $335
DC-3 Exam: $335
DB Exam: $335
Total: $1820

RPF Module Bundle: $480
DC-1 Exam: $360
DC-2 Exam: $360
DC-3 Exam: $360
DB Exam: $360
Total: $1920
Experience: 2 years
Avg Time to Obtain: 2 years
Hours of Study Time: 200 hours

ERPA Designation & QPA 

Once you are granted enrollment as an ERPA by the IRS, you can submit an application for status as an ASPPA QPA credentialed member (you will be required to provide your ERPA Enrollment number issued by the IRS). Two letters of recommendation will be required as outlined below but the QPA examination requirements (RPF-1, RPF-2, DC-1, DC-2, DC-3 and DB) will be waived for purposes of obtaining the QPA credential. As with all ASPPA credential membership applications, upon approval you will be granted credentialed member status and will be awarded the QPA credential. You will need to meet all requirements as a credentialed ASPPA member moving forward; however, as long as you maintain your enrollment as an ERPA, the Continuing Education (CE) requirements for QPA are deemed to be satisfied.

An ERPA who has been awarded the QPA credential and wants to pursue the CPC credential will need to complete the four core CPC modules and two elective modules in addition to the DB and CPC proctored examinations.

Apply for Credential

Applying for ASPPA credentialed membership requires submission of the appropriate form and two letters of recommendation from two references that verify a minimum of two years experience in retirement plan-related matters.  

For more information about ASPPA membership please click here

Credential Continuing Education Requirements
All credentialed members must acquire 40 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits (2 of these must be Ethics) in a two-year cycle as well as renew ASPPA Membership annually to retain credentials. For more information please click here.