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2014 Online Certificate Exams

Online Exam Submission Date: midnight Eastern Time on December 15, 2014 (11 p.m. Central, 10 p.m. Mountain, 9 p.m. Pacific)

RPF Certificate / More info
RPF-1 Version 1 Exam   
RPF-1 Version 2 Exam  

RPF-2 Version 1 Exam    
RPF-2 Version 2 Exam   

TGPA Certificate / More info
TGPC-1 Version 1 Exam       
TGPC-1 Version 2 Exam  

PFC Certificate / More info
PFC-1 Version 1 Exam  
PFC-1 Version 2 Exam 

DBA Certificate / More info
DB-A Exam Version 1 
DB-A Exam Version 2 

ESOP Certificate / More info
ESOP-A Exam Version 1 
ESOP-A Exam Version 2   

Spring 2014 Proctored Examinations 

Registrations for the Spring 2014 are now closed.

Fall 2014 Proctored Examinations (August 4 - December 4)

QPFC Credential
PFC-2 Exam    /  More info 

TGPC Credential
TGPC-2 Exam  /  More info 

QKA / QPA Credentials
DC-1 Exam    /  More info 
DC-2 Exam    /  More info 
DC-3 Exam    /  More info 
DB Exam    /  More info 

CPC Credential
CPC Exam  (November 13, 2014)  /  More info 

FSPA Credential

A-4 Exam  (October 30, 2014)  /  More info

CPC Modules

Semester              Registration Deadline     Completion Deadline 
1st Semester        June 16                                 June 30 
2nd Semester       Dec 2                                     Dec 16 

CPC Module                                                                                     Register: 
Distributions & Loans                                                                      2nd Semester
Fiduciary Topics                                                                                   2nd Semester
Related Groups & Business Transactions                                     2nd Semester
Nonqualified Plans                                                                                     2nd Semester
Investments                                                                                     2nd Semester      
ESOPs                                                                   2nd Semester

Governmental & Tax-Exempt Plans             2nd Semester
Cash Balance                                             2nd Semester

CPC Core Module Package:                            2nd Semester
Includes registration for the following core modules at a discount package rate of $417 for ASPPA members and $495 for non-members: 
• Investments
• Fiduciary Topics
• Distributions & Loans; 
• Related Groups and Business Transactions

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