Continuing Education (CE)


Who Needs CE?

Credentialed members of ASPPA, NAPA, and NTSA must earn Continuing Education (CE) credits each cycle to maintain their credentials. Affected members include those with the following credentials:


Members that have the FSPA or MSPA credential or are an ERPA (Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent) and are in good standing with the JBEA and/or IRS (having met the CE requirements for that respective credential) are deemed to have satisfied all ASPPA CE requirements. 


How Much CE Do I Need?

Current CE Cycle: January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2016


The amount of CE you need to maintain your credential is based on when you initially earned that status.

  • If you earned your credential in a previous CE cycle (prior to Jan. 1, 2015), you need to earn the full 40 CE credits.
  • If you earned your credential in the current CE cycle, your CE requirements are prorated according to the date you earned your credential (see table below). You will need to earn 40 CE credits in each future cycle.
  • If you hold more than one credential, you are only required to earn a total of 40 CE credits each cycle.

Join Date

CE Credits Required*

Before Jan. 1, 2015

40 (2 ethics)

Jan. 1 - June 30, 2015

30 (2 ethics)

July 1 - Dec. 31, 2015

20 (1 ethics)

Jan. 1 - June 30, 2016

10 (1 ethics)

July 1 - Dec. 31, 2016 0 (0 ethics)

*Ethics CE credits count toward the total number of CE credits required.



What CE Opportunities Does ASPPA Offer?

The Retirement Plan Academy offers a wide variety of educational programs that allow you to stay current on industry issues while maintaining your credential. Choose from a range of formats with convenient access and automatic CE reporting.

Select an opportunity below for more information. 


CE Credits Earned*


Up to 25

CPC Modules

3 per module


Up to 20

Institutional Training Packages


 Live and On-demand Webcasts Up to 2
Plan Consultant Quiz Up to 3
RPF Webcast Series Up to 22.5

* ASPPA CE credits. Select a product to learn whether it also qualifies for other CE credits, including JBEA or ERPA. 



What Other Opportunities Count as CE?

Non-ASPPA-sponsored opportunities may count towards CE, provided they meet the necessary requirements. Use our Self-Report CE Form to submit credit for non-ASPPA sponsored events.

Professional Involvement in the industry is another way to earn CE while contributing to the organization. Some ways to earn CE include:


Refer to the ASPPA CE Guidelines for complete information on qualifying activities, documentation, and reporting guidelines. Click here if your organization would like to sponsor a CE activity.


How Do I Report and Track My CE?

ASPPA-sponsored Activities

CE is reported automatically for most ASPPA-sponsored activities (online exams, quizzes, live and on-demand webcasts, online courses, and proctored examinations). Conference session attendees must verify attendance by texting a confirmation code or by completing an on-site verification form. See each individual activity for a more detailed explanation.


To view your CE transcript, click HERE.

Non-ASPPA-sponsored Activities


Nationally recognized professional societies, non-profit associations, colleges, universities, commercial vendors or government agencies may sponsor education activities that are eligible for ASPPA CE credit. Click here to learn more about specific requirements for sponsoring a CE activitiy.


Non-ASPPA-sponsored activities do not require pre-approval; however, the attendee and the sponsor of the activity must comply with the same guidelines and requirements. In the event of an audit, the candidate will be required to submit further documentation to verify compliance.


Please review the complete ASPPA CE Guidelines before submitting non-ASPPA-sponsored activities for CE.


You may manually submit CE using the Self-Report CE Form.


To calculate CE:

  • 1 CE credit = 50 minutes of activity
  • At least 50 minutes (1 CE credit) must be earned per activity in order to apply
  • ASPPA CE may be earned in partial credits above 50 minutes
  • Total Time / 50 minutes = Number of Credits earned (Example: 70 minutes / 50 minutes = 1.4 credits)
  • No more than 25 CE credits may be earned per activity.


What Happens If I Do Not Meet CE Requirements?

If you are a credentialed member who holds one or more of the credentials noted above and you do not earn sufficient CE credits during a two-year cycle, ASPPA will suspend your credential(s). You will need to complete the required CE before you are reinstated as a credentialed member. Once reinstated, CE credits will be pro-rated as noted above. For further information, please review the ASPPA CE Guidelines.


What Is a CE Audit?

ASPPA’s CE requirements serve to increase the technical, professional, and ethical skills of each individual member, thereby elevating the organization as a whole. In order to ensure that members are complying with ASPPA’s CE Guidelines, periodic audits of CE credit are conducted. Individuals chosen for audit are selected randomly from the overall membership. If you are selected to be audited and have self-reported CE credits, you will be asked to provide documentation verifying proper completion of CE requirements. To ensure your self-reported CE activities meet ASPPA’s requirements and that you have the documentation necessary, please refer to the complete ASPPA CE Guidelines.



  • Multiple Attendee Roster Form (.xls)
  • Submit this form to to report attendance at group events.
  • Sponsor Attendance Template (.doc)
  • Provide this form to attendees for their records when self-reporting CE credits.
  • RPA Volunteer Work Form (2015-2016)
  • Submit this form to the RPA to claim CE credits after completing volunteer work for the RPA.
  • ABC CE Procedures 

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