2017 ACOPA Actuarial Symposium

August 18-19     Chicago, Ill.     |     The Palmer House Hilton

The ACOPA Actuarial Symposium has been designed for pension actuaries and professionals who are concerned about the impact of recent regulations. The sessions are geared specifically toward issues affecting actuaries in the pension field. A panel of experts will lead each session, with the opportunity for roundtable discussions and questions. The final “Ask the Experts” session provides an opportunity for you to ask questions that are relevant to your specific area of expertise.


Conference Location


The Palmer House Hilton
17 East Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603



ACOPA's Mission

  • Advance the knowledge of actuarial science as it relates to retirement and other employee benefit plans Promote and maintain highest professional and ethical standards among its Members
  • Enable actuaries engaged in pension practice to assemble and discuss common issues
  • Promote and interchange of information among actuaries and the leadership of various actuarial organizations
  • Keep the public informed of the profession and the responsibilities of the professional pension actuary in public practice
  • Promote the expansion of the private retirement system by educating government agencies and Congress on issues that affect the short and long range health of the private retirement system
  • Promote the education and professional development  of both pension actuaries and actuarial students 




The ASPPA College of Pension Actuaries (ACOPA) was formed in September 2008 when ASPPA and the College of Pension Actuaries (COPA) combined to form a semi-autonomous operating unit within ASPPA. ACOPA is the primary source of professional organizational support for pension actuaries, and is charged with carrying out ASPPA’s responsibilities as one of the recognized US-based actuarial organizations. All credentialed actuarial members of ASPPA are members of ACOPA.

Today ACOPA is part of the American Retirement Association, which was created in January 2015 to support the missions of ACOPA and its “sister” organizations, and to provide a single voice that can speak on behalf of the entire retirement industry. In addition to ACOPA, those sister organizations are ASPPA, the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) and the National Tax-deferred Savings Association (NTSA).


ACOPA Actuarial Symposium Steering Committee

Committee Chair
Andrew Forgrave, EA, MAAA, MSPA, Jacob, Haxton & Boord, LLC, Worthington, OH

Conference Committee
Raymond D. Berry ASA, EA, MAAA, Grant Thornton LLP, Chicago, IL
Sharmila Chatterjee, ASA, EA, MAAA, MSPA, Aprio, Atlanta, GA

ASPPA General Conferences Co-chair
Judy Miller, MSPA, ACOPA Executive Director, Director of Retirement Policy, American Retirement Association, Arlington, VA



Registration and General Questions

Media-Related Questions
Don Jackson
703.516.9300 ext. 169